The Photographic Journal: "Visitors"

The Photographic Journal has a new feature out today, showing unpublished images from my ongoing body of work "Visitors".  What I love about TPJ is the voice they give to a diverse range of photographers, from very established veterans to up-and-coming unknowns, all given equal space to tell their stories in a beautiful minimal design that showcases the strength of the images.  Here is a statement about my series they printed with the feature, which you can view here:

This series was born out of a lot of changes in my life last fall and resulted in me taking a solo drive up the west coast through Big Sur and spending a lot of time alone and being quiet, observing the world as an outsider, as if I were in a foreign country.  During my trip I noticed actual foreign tourists with their cameras, and I related to their not quite understanding the language and customs happening around them.  I watched them document the everyday details that most natives wouldn't take notice of, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and taking delight in it.  This way of perceiving the world I carried with me back to New York City and into the next 6 months as I created new work, incorporating new portrait shoots and delving into my archive of unseen work.  I wanted to create a view of the everyday that feels otherworldly; beautiful and deep but simple and emotional at the same time.