The Open Road

Aperture Foundation is holding their annual benefit auction again on Oct.21st.  And they are doing something new this year that is really cool.  Called "The Open Road", the whole event is a tribute to Robert Frank and the idea of the American road trip.  It will be at the enormous Terminal 5, a concert venue, and feature a live performance of "music and photography" with Alec Soth, Billy Bragg & Joe Purdy.  The Kills are playing too--hey, that's not bad.  And there will be a live photography auction of the work of Joel Meyerowitz, Todd Hido, Lise Sarfati, Alex Prager and more.  Then there's also the silent auction part.  This also goes along with the theme of the open road:  Aperture asked a bunch of photographers (myself included) to submit a "postcard" image from the road.  It was up to us to interpret that however we wished.  The list of these artists is too long to mention but it has most of my favorite working photographers from the both the art and commercial worlds.  Go to